Incubating and financing sustainable landscapes


We bridge the gap between conservation practitioners and investors, supporting the design, structuring and financing of sustainable landscape programmes that deliver impacts on the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Landscapes first. We support communities that are passionate about protecting nature, regenerating their economies, and restoring the places that make them who they are, their landscapes.

Landscape Incubation

We design and structure high-quality landscape restoration programmes in global biodiversity hotspots.

Landscape Finance

We work with practitioners, funders and investors to turn landscape ideas into investment-ready propositions.

Landscape Learning

We foster a resilient landscape network through cross-sector collaboration, peer-learning networks and sharing knowledge products.

Featured Landscapes

The Lab has a pipeline of investable landscape programmes around the world, with a focus on wetlands and peatlands; coasts and reefs; rainforests; and commodity sourcing landscapes.


We unlock the untapped potential of landscapes: unique settings where climate, biodiversity and sustainable development challenges can be tackled together, creating synergies for maximum impact.

who we are
By convening stakeholders, putting in place robust systems for holistic restoration, and mobilising public and private finance, we help landscapes become places where communities, nature and culture can thrive in harmony.
We champion the landscape approach

Looking beyond individual project-level approaches to develop ecosystem-scale solutions and financing

We champion the landscape approach

Putting landscapes first by supporting locally-owned programmes led by committed local partnerships

We champion the landscape approach

Seeking large-scale impacts by targeting landscapes with the potential to restore up to 1m+ ha degraded land and waters

Our impacts

Hectares under restoration with Lab support


Directly-secured investments into landscapes


Pipeline of landscape opportunities under development


Landscape practitioners & investors in our learning networks

The Landscape Finance Lab was very instrumental in supporting WWF Cameroon with the design and rollout of the Green Commodity Landscape programme.

Fideline Mboringong

Join us on our journey

Are you a project developer with a great idea? Is your fund seeking an implementation partner? Are you an investor looking for opportunities to invest in landscapes? We want to hear from you.

Who we work with

Our partner-centred approach relies on close collaboration with grassroots and international teams and organisations, who share our vision for sustainable landscapes. Learn more about our partners.