We have started 2024 proud to be collaborating on the development of due diligence guidance to support more equitable voluntary carbon markets alongside Wetlands International and Commonland, as well as other experts in the field.

This draft guidance provides a robust outline of steps and strategies to support responsible, credible and sustainable decarbonisation strategies, whilst at the same time tackling common problems including greenwashing and the misuse of carbon credits.

Share your thoughts and comments

The guidance is currently in a 4-week consultation period which began on January 30th 2024 alongside a global launch webinar - view the recording and read the slides here. Additional regional consultations are also being held throughout the month of February:

  • Africa online consultation: English speaking session, 20 February 11am (UTC+2). Register here. French speaking session, 26 February 11am (UTC+1). Register here.
  • Latin America online consultations in Spanish, 22 February 2pm (UTC-5) or 28 February 2pm (UTC-5). Register here.
  • Asia Pacific online consultations in English, 19 February 3pm (UTC+7) or 21 February 3pm (UTC+7). Register here.

Whether you can join a consultation session or not, all stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts, comments and feedback via this online form.