This paper details the importance of strategically investing in the conservation and restoration of peatlands, illuminating the wide-ranging positive impacts of such investments for climate, nature, local communities and investors.

Adopting a landscape approach to investing in peatlands

Private sector involvement in peatland investment is in its early stages, necessitating efforts to quantify returns and establish the necessary investment infrastructure to attract institutional investors. The report highlights the importance of adopting a landscape approach, which provide the potential to leverage blended finance, attract private sector investment and through these mechanisms, enable scalability and the potential for multiple co-benefits.

By aligning investments with global environmental objectives, exploring emerging markets, and collaborating with stakeholders, investors can contribute significantly to the transformative impact of peatland restoration and protection.

Who is this report for?

Developed collaboratively by experts from 15 organisations including Landscape Finance LabClimate Catalyst and WaterLANDS, this publication is an essential read for anyone interested in the strategic investment opportunity presented by peatlands, especially investors seeking a combination of environmental, social and/or financial returns. In addition, the publication offers useful insights to landscape developers designing their projects with private investment in mind.

Rannoch Moor, Scotland (C) Derek Fergusson
Rannoch Moor, Scotland (C) Derek Fergusson

The importance of peatlands for our planet

Peatlands stand out as highly effective and concentrated natural climate solutions. Functioning as crucial and enduring carbon stores and sinks for the biosphere, healthy peatlands play a vital role in maintaining the planet's environmental balance. For this reason the need to halt the degradation and destruction of peatlands and promote their regeneration is critical. 

Achieving this requires coordinated efforts from both the public and private sectors. Despite being a nascent asset class, peatland protection and restoration present numerous overlooked investment opportunities. 

In order to tackle the nature and climate emergency, we urgently need investment in peatlands! This report is a welcomed guide and valuable contribution to advance climate and nature action as it shows that investing in peatland conservation and restoration can provide multiple returns for climate, people and our planet. Getting this report into the hands of decision-makers and investors everywhere is critical!
Dianna Kopansky
Global Peatlands Initiative Coordinator, United Nations Environment Programme
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