Lab Strategic Finance Advisor Roopal Kanabar (left) at the launch of the Lab-IGP partnership
Lab Strategic Finance Advisor Roopal Kanabar (left) at the launch of the Lab-IGP partnership

Vienna and San Francisco, CA 18 May 2023 – Landscape Finance Lab (the Lab) and Integrity Global Partners (IGP) announce today a strategic partnership to increase investment at scale for sustainable landscapes globally.

Both firms are focused on supporting investors to structure and finance large-scale conservation and restoration projects and recognize the exponential power of a partner-centered approach for creating and sustaining significant impact.  

The Lab, a spin-off of WWF, has a mission to incubate and finance sustainable landscapes that deliver impact on the Global Sustainable Development Goals. They do this by structuring high-quality landscape programs in global biodiversity priority places and leveraging public and private capital to develop innovative financial mechanisms for investing in landscapes. 

IGP, in turn, is dedicated to bringing its founding team of experts each with decades of experience in carbon and other environmental markets to bear in creating nature-based investment portfolios with fair and attractive risk-adjusted returns for institutional investors that also maximize Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-aligned benefits for communities and biodiversity. 

“It’s an exciting time for our sector. Sustainable landscapes are a key strategic solution to addressing the combined global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and food and water shortages, whilst creating jobs and improving livelihoods. IGP’s mission to unlock fair and equitable capital at scale very much aligns with our own, and we are looking forward to working with such an experienced team of female founders to maximize impact by catalysing flows of capital towards landscapes.”
Roopal Kanabar
Strategic Finance Advisor, Landscape Finance Lab

This partnership with Landscape Finance Lab represents a continuation of our work to build a global collaborative hub with best-in-class partners and gives us immediate velocity to scale our efforts to bring environmental assets to market in some of the largest and most important biodiversity landscapes in the world,” said Cheri Sugal, Co-Founder and CEO of IGP. “There are strong synergies between our two organizations and clear alignment of goals; we are looking forward to working together.” 

IGP and the Lab will mutually evaluate a pipeline of investment opportunities through the lens of proprietary landscape and carbon assessment tools, such as the Lab’s 4 Returns Framework (developed together with Commonland and Wetlands International) and IGP’s High Integrity Framework, enhancing the credibility of both carbon and biodiversity assets. 

This story was covered in Carbon Pulse. Read the article here.

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