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Incubation Services

The Lab offers a comprehensive range of services rooted in our Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) methodology and delivered through our landscape incubation model, providing structuring, access to financing, and resilient governance solutions.
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Deciding to adopt a landscape approach to ecosystem restoration can be daunting. Landscapes are large and complex natural, social, political and economic systems. Within them, many and varied stakeholders have different interests, demands, and relationships to the land. For practitioners perhaps more used to working on a project basis - in smaller protected areas or short project cycles - the complexity of designing a full programme of complementary activities and interventions, across different land-uses and land-ownership models, over a vast geographic area, can prove a challenge. And when it comes to financing, landscape programmes must be structured to become self-sustaining over decades. It's a lot to take on. But we believe the payoff for people, nature and climate is well worth the effort, and we're here to help.

The Lab uses an incubation model to equip landscape partnerships, their local stakeholders and their investors with the tools and relationships needed to design sustainable programmes. In collaboration with our dedicated technical advisors and a broad community of experts, landscape teams can leverage our incubation model to access a range of services through four key stages of development:

For landscapes at the start of their journey, this conception phase is all about brainstorming, asking questions, and helping to articulate a landscape’s potential. We’ll put these ideas to the test, by measuring them against our Lab criteria (is the scale of the landscape large enough to make significant impacts? Is there potential for aggregation with other projects? etc), confirming the readiness of the landscape team to move forward, and finally bringing it all together in a Landscape Outline document - our launch pad for the next stage.